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Unlike copyright, which applies automatically, users must agree to these terms in order to use the instrument.

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Only write the facts and reasons you want to prove.

Provide all the necessary information to the committee so it can make a decision and grant you a positive answer. The style of the letter to the dissertation committee should be precise and professional.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the fact that your letter is addressed to more than one person.

You cannot be sure who you are addressing, men or women.

If you use and/or reproduce material in your thesis/dissertation beyond the limits outlined by the “fair use” doctrine, which allows for limited use of a work, without first gaining the copyright holder’s permission, you may be infringing copyright.

Some instruments are explicitly distributed under a license agreement or terms of use.Therefore, you must assume that any material you find is copyrighted, unless you have evidence otherwise.This is the case whether you find the instrument openly on the web, in a library database, or reproduced in a journal article.The dissertation will be made available to the public through Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s library.In addition, the dissertation will be microfilmed by Pro Quest Information and Learning (formerly UMI), and copies of the dissertation will be sold on demand.Do not use all caps on text page): If only part of the chapter is from a copyrighted source, the note may be worded to reflect the fact.For example: “Part of the data reported in this chapter is reprinted with permission...” or “Part of this chapter is reprinted with permission...” If parts of the published article appear in several chapters, the footnote will appear at the bottom of the first page of each chapter in which the material appears.If you want your letter to impress the committee, it should not contain too many pages. Use software to check the letter for spelling and grammar mistakes.If you have a lot of information to show, add it as an appendix to the letter. Your signature should be written between the closing and your printed name.The note should be single spaced, asterisked (add an asterisk at the end of the chapter title at top of the page also), and include mention of permission from the copyright holder to reprint.It may also include a copyright notice (and it must if requested to do so).


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