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There was a strange feeling, walking down the corridor as I entered the premises.It was totally unexpected, especially from a place like this - right after a long break for summer.... He was a project horse who didn’t “listen” to my leg, seat, or hand; aids that help me communicate with a horse. He knew it did not have to start at school, but rather the minute a mind starts asking questions.I’m out of breath, my chest hurts, and I know my voice will be gone, but I’ve accepted it.

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In addition to the medical school courses, students take a graduate-level medical ethics course each semester.

The medical school lectures are simulcast to the Center City Campus from the College of Medicine’s Queen Lane Campus (located in the East Falls section of Philadelphia).

My unproductive summer was passing by as usual, until a friend of mine invited me to travel to Paraguay with her for an international service... I instantly knew I had been caught peering underneath my neon pink Barbie bandage. After years of constant nagging, I finally gave in to my family's relentless pressure to try cooked pig intestines, or chitlins.

Their smell, both sickening and overbearing, has made me steer clear from them every year. As we rode down the hill toward Henley Island and I caught my first glimpse of the boats, the food tents, and the hundreds of rowers, I realized that I now knew what it meant to have a life-changing experience. Throughout my younger years, wearing a blazer, collared shirt, and nice pants to preschool always set me apart from my classmates.

Please know that it is not prudent for every student admitted into the Interdepartmental Medical Science program to apply while attending the program.

Some students need two years of strong academic performance, beyond their incoming coursework, prior to applying to become a competitive applicant to medical schools.

The tuition associated with the Interdepartmental Medical Science program is less than the tuition for a typical one-year special master’s program.

Since many students are accepted into medical school after only one year of the program, financing one year of tuition is another significant benefit.

These include: Grades are based on the performance of the medical school class.

A letter grade of “B” on tests, quizzes and assignments signifies the mean grade of the medical school class.


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