Drug Abuse In Schools Essay

Drug Abuse In Schools Essay-52
In 1995, one in three high school seniors, one in four sophomores, and one in six eighth graders used marijuana.(El Sohly, 1995, letter to editor) ‘Right now anyone, any 14-year-old who wants drugs, can usually find them within minutes almost anywhere in the country [United States].’ (The Nation, 1999, p.

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Research shows that such messages by themselves do not work. 41) Although the United States government is spending more money to fight drugs, the approach itself needs to be questioned.

Schools are a haven for illegal drugs and this is an area in which a stronger emphasis must be placed.

2) So if the drug trade “profitability” can be lessened, perhaps drug crimes will go down as well.

The idea of “harm reduction” is a thought that may hold some merit.

(Decriminalization Article, 1992, p.2) At present, almost 700, 000 people a year are arrested for the sale or possession of pot. 14) Although marijuana possession may not entitle jail time, why are the basic drug laws being broken?

In reality, one of the main reasons rampant crime is associated with drugs is the drug trade’s great profitability.

Instead, it is more advantageous to examine the many other viable options, rather than looking at the old argument of drug “legalization.” Therefore, the real question is – “What steps should America take to fix its growing drug problem?

” and there are actually five main areas to consider – adolescent drug use, drug offenses/crimes, the drug laws themselves, foreign drug trade, and drug abuse.

On a few occasions Charisse accompanied Jeff while he made a drug deal.

When Jeff was busted for drug dealing, Charisse was arrested too, even though she had no drugs in her possession and had never sold drugs.


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