Duke Grad Student Thesis

Recipient, Franklin Humanities Institute, Graduate Digital Scholarship Initiative Grant, Duke, 2011-2016. Duke Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University, 2011-2015.

Recipient, Excellence in Teaching Award, Northwestern University, Nomination 2010.

Summer Research Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University, 2015. Mellon Foundation Humanities Writ Large Digital Humanities Fellowship, Duke University, 2014-2015.

Summer Research Fellowship, Graduate School, Duke University, 2014.

“#toofew Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Fem Hack: #toofew Fem Wiki Bot,” 2013. Or How I Live-Tweeted Class “Polar Bears and #Obama Selfies: The Critical Intersections of Digital Humanities and Environmental Justice,” 2015.

Of A Salesman Essay On The American Dream - Duke Grad Student Thesis

“Twitter-Journalism (Twittalism): What Are the Responsibilities of the Academic Live-Tweeter? “This Week in Digital Humanities Pedagogy, May 13, 2015,” 2015.

Published by the Duke Franklin Humanities Institute, August 2016.

“Manifest Data Kit Exhibit,” Hyperrhiz Kits, Plans, and Schematics: Art Exhibition, Rutgers University Modlab, October 15-Spring 2016.

A., Publishing & Writing, Emerson College, 2010 Concentrations: Professional Writing & Editing, Experimental Narrative, Digital Publication Design Master’s Thesis Project: ), French, Vanderbilt University, 2005 Global Environmental Humanities; Comparative Media Theory; Digital Media Theory & Practice; Ecocritical Digital Humanities; Environmental Justice; Digital Pedagogy; Digital Humanities Theory & Practice; Contemporary Literary Theory; 20th and 21st Century Global Literatures; Science Fiction and the Speculative Novel; Climate Fiction; Multi-modal Publication Design; Professional Communication; Digital Literacy & Communication.

Mellon Foundation Humanities Writ Large Emerging Networks Fellowship, 2016.


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