E-Commerce Case Study With Solution

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And – as your customers will no doubt tell you – there’s always room for improvement.Whether you’re in start-up mode or you’re ready to scale, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

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All e-commerce companies have to figure out how to retain customers, drive traffic, and make more sales in a competitive environment.

Why not learn from companies that have mastered their corner of the online marketplace?

To emphasise the point that the effect of the Internet is so widespread in today¡¦s business communities, one online article stated that more than 100000 companies have Internet addresses, and 20000 companies have home pages on the Internet as of February 1999. These numbers have more than tripled since 1995, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. To most casual Internet surfers, e-commerce means online shopping ¡V ¡§workaholics pointing their web browser to to order an emergency present because they forgot someone¡¦s birthday again.¡¨ (Weiss, 1999) As we will soon find out, this is far from the case.

Simply put, e-commerce is the exchange of business information between two or more organizations.

“[The series] kind of serves as an easy intro and overview of all of the different experiences that Dormify has to offer,” Nicole Gardner, the COO of Dormify told DMN, “but [it also gives them] a little nudge via an exclusive offer to actually shop with us, too.” In order to compete against major hotel search engines like Priceline and Orbitz, trivago wanted to increase their claim on search traffic.

In 2015, the company used Google’s Dynamic Search Ads to help automate complicated search queries, like “What are the nicest hotels in San Francisco?” According to Google, their DSA feature also “automatically generated longer, more relevant ad headlines for the company’s ads based on a person’s specific search.” The result?A 140% higher click-through rate, better conversions in new markets, and better ad ROI in the markets trivago had already conquered.With the astonishing growth of the Internet, many companies are finding new and exciting ways to expand upon their business opportunities.There are very few successful companies that do not use computers in their everyday business activities, which also means there are few companies that do not use e-commerce.An example of this would be buying and selling products or services over the Internet.E-commerce became very popular soon after it proved to be an efficient means to conduct long distance transactions."Most people think e-commerce is just about buying and selling things over the Internet." (Wareham, 2000) E-commerce is a broad term describing the electronic exchange of business data between two or m ...Marketing and Growth Channels According to the National Retail Federation, the e-commerce sector is set to grow another 8-12% this year.According to Community Specialist Marketing Manager Mary Packett, Modcloth’s user-generated content platform, “Style Gallery,” helped spur massive engagement and growth on all of the company’s social platforms over the past five years.“Since Style Gallery launched in November 2012, users have shared over 6,000 photos, and they’ve been ‘loved’ (Modcloth’s version of ‘like’) over 350,000 times,” marketing blog Contently reports.


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