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My opinion is this, our education must be all round developer.

My opinion is this, our education must be all round developer.

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Moreover, the new challenges faced by the country at the initial stage of its independence raised a strong demand for dynamic, open-minded and proactive generation of specialists, who could contribute to the country's speedy evolvement as a valuable member of the international community.

In connection with this, a number of educational reforms were implemented, that covered all areas of the education system on all levels.

To put in a nutshell – India Reforming its education will become Developed from Developing.

Indian Education system in needs serious reforms and the steps that should be undertaken are: Thus, it is high time that we take certain steps immediately so that not only the level of education is increased which will enhance an individual’s knowledge but also it will in turn lead to the up liftman of the country that we really need and certainly India will become one of the best in terms of education and soon it will be a developed nation.

The grading system in all educational institutions was on the scale of "5 to 1", "5" being the highest and "1" the lowest mark.

Entrance examinations as well as end of term examinations were either in oral or written form, there was no testing system.This included the change of curriculum in educational institutions, introduction of a new grading system in schools and universities, creation of new higher educational institutions and introduction of new departments in existing ones to train for the specialties that did not exist before, such as management, marketing, etc.The system of education before the independence The standards of education prior to 1991 were quite different in Uzbekistan than those used nowadays.Graduate education (Master's degree) - 2 years Post-graduate education (Ph.D.) - 4 years Introduction As an independent state, Uzbekistan had to face various issues connected with economic, social and cultural development.But if we consider the global level, where do these institutions stand??According to “THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION” only two institutions in India are among the top 200 universities. No other universities from India, whereas in United States, there are 58 universities in that list and Harvard University at the top most.To get admissions in these institutions one has to do lot of hard work all throughout days and nights.Those who get admissions in these institutions, it’s a boon to them.Of course economic development, improvement of social infrastructure are inevitable and come first when speaking of improving the status of a newly independent country, nevertheless, the state paid a great attention to the education. The answer to this question lies both in history and culture of the Uzbek people.Many people around the world are becoming aware that Uzbekistan, situated in the heart of Central Asia has a rich past, was a cradle of civilization and produced many great scholars of the Orient that are known world-wide.


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