Emory 2011 Mba Essay Questions

The Directors of Clinical Education try to alternate the travel time, amongst the students during the three short term experiences, while also accommodating preferences made on the student profile.Local and out of state sites vary from semester to semester and from year to year.

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Students generally do their short term experiences in the greater Atlanta metro area.

The DCEs will survey the class with respect to willingness to travel, and place those students in facilities in greater GA that provided housing at no cost to the student, or allow the student to travel to locations where they could be hosted by friends and family.

Not every partner can offer an opportunity every year, but most do.

The students will be provided with a full slate of available opportunities, from which to select their experiences.

Preference is also given to applicants showing academic achievement in the biological, physical, and social sciences.

Applications are available through PTCAS in July, 2019.Applicants should have their applications submitted with ALL supporting documents before October 15, 2019.Keep in mind that during peak application season, it takes several weeks before we receive your submitted application from PTCAS.Not only does the faculty want you to have new and different experiences from what you have been accustomed to, but also want to avoid any tendency for you to find yourself in a position where the expectation may be for you to maintain your old role and responsibilities, instead of your new role as a physical therapy student.The vast majority of the short term clinicals are in Atlanta and its surrounding areas; some are closer than others.We discontinued the Master of Physical Therapy degree, so all applicants now apply to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.The DPT program requires all students to produce research with faculty mentorship.The Division of Physical Therapy’s Directors of Clinical Education (DCE) arrange clinical experiences which allow students to practice skills in settings that have patient populations with the conditions just learned in class.For example, the General Medical Conditions clinical experience will be oriented toward acute medical problems and conducted in an acute hospital setting, home health, or a skilled nursing facility.Short term clinical experiences are assigned to each student by the DCEs based on profiles submitted by the student, and with input from the course instructors as needed.Long term internships are 10 week long experiences during your 6th and 7th semesters.


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