Equality And Diversity In Teaching Essay

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The Maps let them show what they can do an engage in meaningful classroom interactions with their peers.” Read the full story here.

How does your school ensure equity for individual students and populations of students?

The essays in this volume include, among others: Faculty and TAs exploring issues in diversity in teaching and learning may be interested in the following programs, initiatives and centers at Vanderbilt.

They range from service units offering direct assistance to those who are teaching at Vanderbilt, to research and outreach projects that present more indirect links to-but with important implications for–the Vanderbilt classroom.

At the school and district level, educational leaders have a responsibility to: Empowering All Students to Succeed Ultimately, building a more equitable educational environment is about student empowerment: making sure all students have what they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

This includes students in Special Education, English Language Learners (ELLs), Gifted and Talented, and other students with diverse educational needs.The sample included 320 students and 208 teachers for a total of 528 respondents.The article compares and contrasts attitudes towards non-national students, ethnic and religious minorities and disabled students, as well as gender issues, bullying and general perceptions of equality and diversity.The goal is for all students to work in their Zone of Proximal Development, which is defined as “the difference between what a learner can do without help and what he or she can do with help.” That may mean that: These extra resources and accommodations do not make the classroom more “equal”—some students are getting more support, time, and attention than others.But they do make it much more equitable: additional resources are going to students with greater needs.The following tips are taken from Barbara Gross Davis’ chapter entitled “Diversity and Complexity in the Classroom: Considerations of Race, Ethnicity and Gender” in her excellent book, .We recommend that you read her full text to learn more about the issues and ideas listed below in this broad overview.Cherry Creek School District in Colorado used Thinking Maps and to help them increase educational equity for their growing ELL population.Using Maps to make thinking visible helped ELLs accelerate language acquisition, access grade level content while still learning English, and connect with their English-speaking peers.While this in itself may not ensure equal OECD has outlined ten critical steps to equity in education that encompass educational design, practices, and resourcing.Promoting Equity at the School and Classroom Level While some aspects of equity in education must be addressed on a broader systemic scale, there are many things that can be done at the individual school and classroom level to create a more equitable environment for students.


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