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In their view, it is also important that participants shouldn't know each other and that natural settings are rarely used.However, I shall also be examining the research of Cohen and Garett (1999), which demonstrates the effectiveness of focus groups even when these 'regulations' are not rigidly upheld.

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This essay examines the advantages of individual study and group study.

On the one hand, personal learning helps the individual to study at their own convenience and as a result, they can learn in the most comfortable environment.

This method helps them to score well at the academic level.

Secondly, the attention span and the grasping power differ from one student to another.

Furthermore, studying along with others rather than individual study motivates us. For instance, if we study any procedure or principle relating with our friends or by making small fun with them, it helps to remain for a long time.

To conclude, when we analyse both methods of studying, I personally prefer to group study than individual study.

Because every individual has a unique pattern of catching the points, group study is more beneficial to share knowledge.

Besides, it will help others to aware about all the aspects of that particular topic.


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