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They can also locate rare endangered plants and animals in the nature.

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In this introduction part of the book, “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, the author describes the destruction of the delicate balance of nature by human interference, especially by the wholesale use of insecticides.

She carefully explains what is the balance of nature and how it is maintained naturally.

By studying other animals, we can learn a lot about ourselves and how our inner organs and cells work.

To find out where life came from and how life evolved on earth, all animals on earth supplied us with bits and pieces of information.

All animals, insects, and even micro organisms play a role in the ecosystem.

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All animals and plants in the ecosystem co-exist and balance each other out, which Mother Nature has perfected over time and through trials and errors, and found a system that works flawlessly for her.Sea lions are intelligent sea mammals that can be trained to monitor several conditions under the sea.They can go to places where few people have gone before, with specially outfitted equipments for monitoring ocean salinity, temperature, water pressure and so on.The system that exists in Mother Nature is designed for all the different species of the world, where each has a role to play without disturbing each other and without taking the ecological balance off.To make the ecosystem work, we sometime need an army of environmentalists, and scientists, where complicated machinery and processes are needed, and sometimes, other animals or even insects help us to make sure that our nature and environment runs smoothly.Undetonated land mines can be serious pollutant and threat to others, making large areas inhabitable and useless.Rats are being trained to sniff out these land mines from the war zones with their acute sense of smell.This job might be too dangerous for humans and few humans are willing to risk their lives trying to pickup land mines from the ground.Rats can also detect people buried under ground so that others can rescue them from natural disasters or destroyed establishments.Apart from providing us with a fine food product, and providing work for thousands of bee keepers around the world, they also help in pollination of most common plants around us.Most plants need service of nature’s pollinators and cannot fertilize themselves without the services from these insects.


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