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On December 6, 1973, their lives unexpectedly change forever.

While walking home from school, Susie happens upon a man from her neighborhood named Mr. He lures Susie to his home where he eventually rapes and murders her.

People try to imagine what it might be like to leave this Earth, and soon they slowly come spiraling back down from their mountain of clouds, and realize that is incomprehensible to imagine such an event.

Due to this inability to fully grasp the meaning of the after life, people have begun to have different perspectives on what heaven means to them.

She misses them terribly, and shares quite a few flashbacks from when she was alive.

"Two weeks before my death, I left the house later than usual, and by the time I reached the school, the blacktop circle where the school buses usually hovered was empty." At times Susie feels ...

The novel and the movie portray heaven in both visibly different spectrums of light.

One forces the observers to attach themselves to this visual portrayal of heaven and ride the same emotional feelings as Susie does shown in the movie.

He enjoys killing things, and so as to avoid killing humans, he starts off by killing small animals, such as birds and mice, "taking lesser lives to keep from killing a child." He then advances onto dogs and cats, and finishes off with humans. He does this to enjoy and prolong what it felt to kill that particular person.

Susie is only one of his many victims, as he has killed a wide range of women- from six year olds to fifty year olds. Longing is one of the main themes in this novel because both Susie and her family desperately long for each other.


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