Essay Of Man By Alexander Pope

Consequently, these Epistles in their progress (if I have health and leisure to make any progress) will be less dry, and more susceptible of poetical ornament. The unreasonableness of his complaints against Providence, while on the one hand he demands the perfections of the angels, and on the other the bodily qualifications of the brutes; though, to possess any of the sensitive faculties in a higher degree, would render him miserable. The poet apparently wants to relate to how the relationship between God and mankind is complex and to how it would be pointless for people to try to understand divinity by trying to associate it with values that they are familiar with.Section 2: The second section claims that man should "not be deemed imperfect" and that people are perfect when considering the position that they need to have.An Essay on Man is a poem written by Alexander Pope in 1733–1734.It is a rationalistic effort to use philosophy in order to, as John Milton attempted, justify the ways of God to man.ARGUMENT OF THE FIRST EPISTLE/Of the Nature and State of Man with respect to the UNl VERSE/Of Man in the abstract--I. That Man is not to be deemed imperfect, but a Being suited to his place and rank in the creation, agreeable to the general order of things, and conformable to Ends and Relations to him unknown, ver. That we can judge only with regard to our own system, being ignorant of the relations of systems and things, ver. Secondly, Pope discusses God's plan in which evil must exist for the sake of the greater good, a paradox not fully understandable by human reason.Thirdly, the poem accuses human beings of being proud and impious.Pope feels that man claims more insight into the nature of existence then he possesses. He is saying that man sees himself as the center of the universe around which all things revolve. Pope draws us into the poem by reminding us that we too have tendencies to make assumptions and that we all have our own desire to see the universe revolving around us.In "An Essay on Man" Pope is trying to make clear the relationship of humanity to the universe, himself, society and also to happiness. In order for him to make the right choices, man must know that there is a choice to make between good and evil, and that he has to accept responsibility for his choices. Pope discusses humanity's downfall, writing: "In pride in reasoning pride, our error lies" (329).


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