Essay On Anger The Worst Enemy

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There are many ways to handle anger once you learn to recognize it and catch it early on.

The American Psychological Association suggests the following:[7] -- As simple as it sounds, basic relaxation exercises can be powerful tools in overcoming one's anger.

Remember that this is not simply an opportunity for someone to "vent." It must be approached with the attitude of solving a problem. Anger becomes problematic when it is expressed in improper or damaging ways.

However, there are many things that can be done to help promote the constructive use of angry feelings.

Cognitive sources of anger are based on how we perceive things.

These perceptions may be accurate...a situation may, indeed, be threatening, or they may not be.

The first step in dealing with anger is to become aware of it.

Learn how anger affects you, how you deal with it, and what triggers it in you.

By Phil Barker September 2003 Everyone has been angry and knows what anger is.

Anger can vary widely (from mild irritation to intense fury) and can be sparked by a variety of things (specific people, events, memories, or personal problems).


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