Essay On Battle Of Plassey

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4) British always wanted to capture Bengal because it was a fertile and wealthy province and could provide them a good income.

5) British tried every tactics to dismount Siraj-ud-Daulah from the Throne of Bengal.

8) The Battle of Plassey was won by East India Company and the foundation of the British Empire was laid down in Bengal.

9) The Battle ended and English power prevailed in India.

10) Now the British had got right to do monopoly business with the richest and densely populated province of India. This set has few more important facts and information to enhance your knowledge.

This set will be helpful for students to find the reason and results of the Battle.

5) Now Clive started to bribe the people of Bengal and manipulated them.

6) Due to Mir Jafar’s association with British, the Battle was already in the favour of East India Company.


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