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Leisure, sport and recreation opportunities are regularly identified within Market Town Health checks yet few follow-up activities are developed.Sport needs further development within the revised Rural Action Plan". Child Development: A Thorough and Critical Review Child Development: A Thorough and Critical Review The issue of child development is one which is truly and incredibly complex, and so in order to be able to gain a proper and knowledgeable understanding on this issue, we truly need to focus on several different aspects, rather than just look at the matter straight on.Even the toddler's growth period that is defined as from one year until up to three years is high growth period physically needs balanced nutrient-rich diet Pediatric Nutritional Recommendations for Infants The first milk known as colostrums available for breast feeding immediately after child birth is found to be rich in immunoglobulin.....a pledge, for instance using it as a tool for political mileage, it is imperative to note that the prime minister is truly committed to supporting sports and its development in the country (Girginov 2012, p.184).

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It is very imperative to provide positive environment to children, which can motivate them in enhancing their different skills.

It is observed that atmosphere plays an important role during sports activities, and one of the significant physical needs for children is a positive and proper environment that should be safe, healthy, secure, as well as, near to nature, as children develop intellectually more quickly in the natural environment, rather than an artificial one. 23-25) In addition, children are very sensitive and studies have indicated that a biased environment often reverses their development process.

This is evident in appearance, talents, and personalities developed as they grow.

Each child must inherit gene from his parents, as infant development genetic characteristics are noticeable; for instance, their height, weight, hair color, or eye color may resemble their parents.

There are so many major and minor factors that are involved in regards to a subject such as this, and each and every one must be carefully and thoroughly examined in order to be able to gain anywhere near a proper viewpoint on the subject matter at hand.

Furthermore, the.....the field of child psychology. He developed the Theory of Attachment in 1969, which emphasizes attachment as “a lasting psychological connectedness between human beings” (Bowlby, 1969).

Since the birth of the child, the child has what Piaget called action schemas.

In other words, the child understands the world through working on it.

The quick growth of a child may also be compared to his relatives’ genetics.

Hereditary factors influence the child’s development......a development of a vivid sensory ability, he was confident to hold the pen in his hand According to a social learning theory, Kevin learnt to hold the pen in his hands from his brothers through observation and imitation (Bandura, 1996, p.8).


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