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The Use of Language Influences our Learning Processes, affecting our ability to collect different kinds of data, make connections between them, and infer a desirable mode of behavior from them. It’s good to remind ourselves that this powerful influence happens in all kinds of situations and most certainly with language related to teaching and learning.

Learning to Read in your thirties profoundly transforms brain networks.

that the person in front understands will help you express yourself better.

In today’s world, when people have spread far and wide and there are different languages spoken in different regions, it is important that one should know the native language of the region he is planning to settle in.

It seems that the more the signal timings between the two brain regions are aligned, the better the reading capabilities.

Therefore it is believed that these brain systems increasingly fine-tune their communication as learners become more and more proficient in reading and why experienced readers navigate more efficiently through a text.It can cross international borders and transcend language compatibility barriers that have made English the most sought after language in today’s corporate world.The proficiency of the language has also made it a vital part of success in the highly competitive corporate world.Language is a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols.The cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding linguistic communication.English has fast become the most widely used language in the world of trade and commerce over the past decade or two.As a result, having an excellent knowledge of English for business has become vital for success in any employee’s career.Only a few months of reading training can modify the thalamus fundamentally.These deep structures in the thalamus and brainstem help our visual cortex to filter important information from the flood of visual input even before we consciously perceive it.Many reputed organisations around the world rely on English as a means of communication in everything from emails to corporate documentation to even popular and well-read business resources both in print and over electronic media.English is being used as the official language in over 70 countries.


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