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The Bill provides up to 36 months of education benefits for college, business technical or vocational courses.

The veteran or soldier must be a full-time student enrolled in a regionally or Nationally Accredited college or university, and can get up to $1004 a month at the current rate to cover education benefits, including high-tech or vocational technical programs.

Thousands more children have been enlisted into the armed forces throughout Asia and the Pacific.

The most significant numbers are in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and recently, Cambodia.

Commanders have been known to force their child recruits to witness and/or commit abuses against their own families or captured prisoners (“Coercion and Intimidation of Child Soldiers to Participate in Violence” 1).

For instance, child soldiers recruited into Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army have been forced to tie their parents to trees and club them to death or be killed themselves (Taylor 1).Soldiers on active duty can receive up to ,000 for college loans.Soldiers in the Army Reserve can receive up to ,000 for college loans.Children living in areas and countries that are at war are Around 120,000 adolescent children are now engaged in conflicts throughout Africa (“Child Soldiers: An Overview” 4).In Sudan, for instance, thousands of children, some as young as 12, were recruited against their will into separatist and government groups (“Child Soldiers: An Overview” 5).Myanmar, a country in Asia, has some of the most child soldiers throughout the world, with children being recruited into both non-government and government armed forces (“Child Soldiers: An Overview” 6).The number of child soldiers has been decreasing annually, but these children are still being taken against their will.It all adds up to a total benefit of over ,000 and these benefits are increasing every year.The college loan repayment program can assist in paying off student loans.As a professional solider you should constantly have situational awareness, knowing how to address your superior and subordinates, maintaining your military bearing and how to do your job efficiently are the cornerstones of being a true professional solider.The militaries of the world, especially the United States military, have a long and strong tradition of military structure that demands that those of lower ranks refer to their superiors in certain ways.


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