Essay On Life Skills Education

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These are the skills that one needs, to make the most out of life.

Skills that bring confidence in one’s life, motivates oneself and bring positivity and happiness in an individual’s life.

Even trainers say that the activities covered under the life skills course prevent students from going into depression.

One of the organizations we spoke to over the phone mentioned that during the initial days of training, the organization teaches a visually challenged student how to find his/her way to the institute and how to travel alone.

Life skills are associated with managing and living a better quality of life.

They help individuals accomplish their ambitions and live life to the fullest potential.

Students participate in these activities and become more confident and independent thinkers. These activities help them become good speakers and listeners and perceive life with positive outlook.

Students who join the Center leave as more independent and confident individuals.

They overcome the fears of interacting with someone new or of travelling by themselves.

They accept their lives with happiness and find ways to bring changes and overcome their challenges.


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