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Passerel Plus Ryegrass, Marshall and Gulf Annual Ryegrass are three popular ones of the many varieties sold today.

Seed planting rate for Annual Ryegrass is 25-40 lbs. Overseeding will require less seed -- generally 15 lbs per acre.

Perennial ryegrass breeding is at an early stage and prospects for further progress appear good.

Varieties | Adaptation | Usage | Preparation | Seeding | Maintenance Diseases | Fertilizers | Mowing | Pasture | Pests | Weeds | Water | Home Perennial & Annual Ryegrass Pasture Seed are planted extensively for permanent and short term winter pastures all over the world.

Adequate seed production and resistance to a wide range of diseases and pests is also necessary.

Improvements in productivity and persistency so far have been achieved mainly by hybridisation and recurrent selection using the polycross method and by the use of polyploidy.

Further improvements in freezing tolerance, drought and heat tolerance and, for some localities, resistance to pests and snow moulds are required to extend the geographic range of the species.

Modern cultivars show little improvement in leaf or stem digestibility but a high magnesium variety is now available.

Most of the newer improved perennial ryegrass varieties for lawns may contain endophytes and are NOT usually suitable or recommended for pasture use.

You should plant an annual or Perennial ryegrass variety that is known to be safe for animals.


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