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Virus reconciles with Rancho and his friends and awards the pen to Rancho which the professor had been keeping for decades before finding a brilliant enough student to gift it to and allows the three to appear their final exams.from the present day, ten years after Chatur vowed revenge on Rancho for embarrassing him at the speech night and promised to become more successful than Rancho a decade later.

The next day, Pia woke them because they will gonna be late in their final exam and for this not to happen, Rancho borrowed Pia's scooter bike.

When they got in the school, they were already late and even though the time was already over for their exam, they still continued answering, so the professor did not accept their papers.

is it a movie that have a story with 3 idiotic,moron,and stupid hero? Farhan Qureshi ( at the Imperial College of Engineering "ICE".

This movie starts with the story of two friends, who are in search of their third room-mate in the engineering college hostel, who actually helped them both in finding their own desired path in life.

So what Rancho did is that he asked the professor if he knew them and the prof said he did not, so Rancho mixed up the papers he arranged and they run.

After how many weeks, Raju had awaked from coma after extensive care from Pia and her roommates.Not wanting to betray his friend or let down his family, Raju jumps out of the 3rd floor window.He was in a coma and his friends stayed for him and they didn't even study for their final exam because according to Rancho, there are a lot of exams but there is only one father.Since Rancho is well aware of Chatur's nature Rancho substitutes some of the speech paper with obscene words which has been written by the librarian.As expected, Chatur mindlessly memorises the speech, aided by his lack of understanding of Hindi.His speech becomes the laughing stock of the audience, infuriating the authorities in the process.Meanwhile, the three students continue to anger Virus, although Rancho continues to come first in every exam, while Chatur is always second, and Farhan and Raju are consistently in the last two positions.The tensions come to a head when the three friends, who are already drunk, break into Virus' house at night to allow Rancho to propose to Pia, and then urinate on a door inside the compound before running away when Virus senses intruders.The next day, Virus threatens to expel Raju unless he talks on Rancho.The experience has changed Farhan and Raju, and they adopt Rancho's outlook.Farhan decides to pursue his love of photography, while Raju takes an unexpected approach for an interview for a corporate job.


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