Essay On Our Responsibility Towards Environment

In the last few decades, plastic pollution in the world has increased very fast, especially in Asian countries like India and Nepal.It has badly affected human health and the life of creatures, particularly fish, seabirds, dolphins and whales.Often this leads to the destruction of the life of plants and animals in all three ecospheres: land, water and air. It has also a direct and deadly effect on marine life and thousands of seabirds and sea turtles, fish and other marine mammals.

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Therefore, in my opinion, it is our responsibility to beat plastic pollution, to save the lives of the creatures that have been suffering from plastic pollution.

Especially educated people have the responsibility to protect human health and the environment.

I suggest as solution to just say “NO” to straws, as we can drink any kind of drinks without straws and glasses are a good substitute for straws.

Another good suggestion is whenever you go to the market for shopping, don’t forget to carry a paper or cloth bag and also try to avoid bringing plastic bags home unnecessarily.

Single-use plastics including bags, water bottles, straws, cups, utensils, and any other plastic items that are used only once and then discarded.

The best way to do this is refusing any single-use plastic that you don’t need, like straws and plastic cups, and purchasing and carrying with youreusable products, including reusable bags, bottles, utensils, coffee cups and plates.

Therefore, plastic is widely used in our daily life and plastic is present all around us in our houses, offices and the environment in different forms of products.

As the population of the world grows, Plastic pollution increases very fast as the use of plastic items rises day by day.

The creatures that have been suffering from plastic pollution want to be free from plastic pollution problems, but they don’t have the ability to solve their problems.

But human beings have ability to observe the causes of these problems and to find out the best way to beat it.


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