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The world’s most successful violinist is celebrating his 65th birthday on 1st October and will return to Poland with his Johann Strauss Orchestra for three nights only in 2015! When performing in Poland for the first time in 2014, André Rieu’s colourful and fun concerts, a musical journey around the world, have enthused thousands of Polish fans.Fans of the Dutch King of Waltz can look forward to a completely new program with a fantastic show. Now, new concert dates for 2015 have just been announced. André Rieu: „I am looking very much forward to returning to Poland! It’s wonderful to see how people from all over the world dance, sing along with us and have a lot of fun, no matter if they’re young or old, German, Brazilian, Chinese or Australian. People are returning home happily and this shows that classical music is for everyone and that we were able to reach our spectator’s hearts!Lastly, patience doesn’t make you a doormat or unable to set boundaries with people.

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Once you’ve gone all out toward a goal, it entails trusting the flow, knowing when to let the soup boil.

With patience, you’re able to delay gratification, but doing so will make sense and feel right. As a psychiatrist, I’m besotted with patience because it’s intimately intuitive, all about perfect timing, the key to making breakthroughs with patients.

As a psychiatrist, patience is an invaluable skill that I teach all my psychotherapy clients. A goal isn’t materializing “fast enough.” People don’t do what they’re supposed to. Patience doesn’t mean passivity or resignation, but power.

In my new book I emphasize the importance of patience as a coping skill and how to achieve it. Patience is a lifelong spiritual practice as well as a way to find emotional freedom. Every morning, noon, and night there are plenty of good reasons to be impatient. It’s an emotionally freeing practice of waiting, watching, and knowing when to act.

Experience the magic of André Rieu at a festive and memorable evening and come see why André Rieu is one of the most popular live acts in the world!

Over 35 million sold DVDs and CDs , 411 platinum and 171 gold records, more than 1,2 million Facebook fans and annually about 1 Million concert goers speak for themselves: André Rieu is the most successful classical touring artist worldwide and appears continuously in the Billboard Chart’s Top Ten for ten years.You treat spouses and friends as disposable instead of devoting the necessary time to nurture love.But with patience, you’re able to step back and regroup instead of aggressively reacting or hastily giving up on someone who’s frustrating you.I want to give patience a twenty-first-century makeover so you’ll appreciate its worth.Patience has gotten a bad rap for the wrong reasons. I’m presenting patience as a form of compassion, a re-attuning to intuition, a way to emotionally redeem your center in a world filled with frustration.I do it all time to turn frustration around in long lines. But here’s the switch: Instead of getting irritated or pushy, which taxes your system with a rush of stress hormones, take a breath.Tell yourself, “I’m going to wait peacefully and enjoy the pause.” Meanwhile, try to empathize with the overwrought cashier or government employee.Conquering frustration will revive your emotional life by making it your choice how you handle daily hassles and stresses.I’m defining patience as an active state, a choice to hold tight until intuition says, “make your move.” It means waiting your turn, knowing your turn will come.I’m also struck by the fact that every world religion sees patience as a way to know God, an incentive for me to practice it, and perhaps you too.Whereas frustration focuses on externals, patience is a drawing inward towards a greater wisdom.


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