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Typically there are no signs and symptoms of this condition and the patient will not be aware of the fact that it has occurred.Alcoholic hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver due to the toxic effects of alcohol and usually occurs after years of alcohol consumption.1.5 Metabolic Functions of the Liver Fat Metabolism – stored fat can be converted to a form in which it can be used by the tissues to provide energy (Ross, 305).

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Liver lobules are hexagonal in outline and are formed by cubical shaped cells called hepatocytes, which are arranged in pairs of columns and radiate from the central vein (Ross, 305).

The liver is the largest gland in the body and is one of the most critical organs as it has various functions one of the major functions is its digestive function.

Recent research into treatment 10 3.1 Current Research 10 3.2 Genes 10 Conclusion 11 Appendix 1: Figures 13 Fig 1 – Normal Liver – Liver with cirrhosis 13 Fig 2 – Cirrhosis histology 13 Fig 3 – Anatomy of the liver 13 References 14 This report attempts to discuss what happens when there is altered physiology, in this case cirrhosis and what happens during this change.

Continuing alcohol consumption will lead to the third and final stage of alcoholic liver disease; alcoholic cirrhosis.

Alcoholic cirrhosis is a disorder in which the liver demonstrates extensive diffuse fibrosis and loss of lobular organization (Gould, 2006); Now that we know what the progression of the disease looks like, let’s take a look at the cause of the disease.


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