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They later became the backbone of the postwar economy.Many of our parents and grandparents built businesses, worked on farms and assembly lines, and birthed new industries.

Before then, pursuing an education beyond high school had been reserved for a privileged few.

But the GI Bill paid off in a solid, expanding middle class.

The theme for the essay contest is “Why I am proud of my Veteran!

We all know about the Greatest Generation, those Americans who survived the Great Depression and then served their country during World War II. The Americans from that period not only saved the nation from tyranny and ruin.

Develop your response through research, using interviews and/or primary sources when possible.

Feel free to utilize newspaper articles, first person accounts, military records, letters, or more to tell us about your subject and why they inspire you.

Winners and their teachers will receive a monetary prize, and winning students will be asked to read their submissions aloud at the Commonwealth's Veterans Day Ceremony on Monday, November 11, 2019 at am.

This year's prompt and all rules and guidelines can be found below. This can be someone you know personally or not, and the subject may be living or deceased.

He or she may be from any branch of the military, and have served at any time and in any capacity during the 20 centuries (they do not have to have been a combat veteran).

Your essay should focus on their time in service, though you may also address their time as a civilian if relevant.


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