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I was stubborn at times but the moment I learnt that I was just punishing myself, I could complete almost everything there was to be done.

In that manner, I realized that I could not stay hungry during lunch time simply because my mother left without preparing it for me.

One and the most emphasized cultural value that I learnt and has influenced me up to date is self-reliance.

As much as parents are there to see us through most of our issues, self-reliance is a value my parents especially my mother tried to emphasis.

This does not affect my performance in any way because the value was imparted a long time ago.

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Further, being reliant has helped attain most of objectives although small and might not be appreciated; they give me the confidence and courage to live among scholars.In turn, I get the same treatment and thus live harmoniously with all in my environment.As a son to my parents, I have numerous social roles I ought to fulfill.I am supposed to address my teachers with respect and follow the set rules and regulations of my institution.In doing so, I ought to be at the right place at the right time; if it is class time, I should not be late for lectures.The problem was that she was trying to impart on me the significance of self-reliance.She could leave home without assigning me any work but when she came back, she would expect that I finished all cleaning and little laundry.I also help them when out of school with house chores and other assignments within my ability.Additionally, my behavior outside home does not worry my parents because I avoid causing trouble as much as I can.It is an anticipated or continuously transforming behavior that may give a person social status/position.According to Mcleod they are the part that is played by individuals as members of a social group (1).


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