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But teen marijuana use has remained consistent for a decade.The drug’s medical benefits and safety for adults is debatable.And less than one third think smoking marijuana regularly will cause a great risk of harm, according to Monitoring the Future. They hear teachers and parents tell them not to do drugs, but they see drug use glamorized in the media.

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And teens have access to more potent marijuana today than their parents had access to in the 1980s and ’90s.Genetic and environmental factors affect which kids will try drugs.For example, a child raised by parents who smoke weed is more likely to try the drug than a child raised by parents who don’t. These children may be more prone to take risks or give in to peer pressure.Marijuana also affects how likely a person is to use other drugs.Some research indicates that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to other drug use.But other studies suggest that people who use marijuana already face a high risk for drug abuse.The Monitoring the Future Survey, sponsored by NIDA and conducted by the University of Michigan, is the most authoritative teen survey on drug use in the United States.Trying marijuana one time is unlikely to cause long-lasting health problems. Children with anxiety disorders may experience panic attacks when they smoke the drug or as marijuana leaves their system. “In [high school] seniors, 5.9 percent of them report regular marijuana use, which is basically daily use. Because they are in school, and they are supposed to be learning and memorizing.This pattern of use has been shown to be associated with impairment in educational achievement and with very significant levels of dropout.” Regular marijuana use is also associated with lower life satisfaction.It gathers data on middle school and high school drug use among a nationally representative sample of 8th-, 10th- and 12th-graders.As expected, rates of marijuana use are lowest among 8th-graders.


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