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For a hot property with multiple interested parties, your letter can serve as a sales ploy to get the landlord to pick you and agree with your terms. A listing agent usually has some freedom to make decisions, but most likely will need to confer with the landlord. If you have not heard back on an offer in one to two business days, it is fine to follow up.

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Keep in mind if your business outgrows the space, you do not want to be stuck with a long lease.

Or worse, if your business struggles and you need to downgrade to a smaller space, you may have a hard time breaking your lease.

Remember, if you are operating a sole proprietorship, from a legal standpoint you and your business are the same and even if you list your business on the lease, you might also be held personally liable for the entire lease.

Your Business Structure If you are incorporated, tell where you are incorporated.

Remember, most listing agents want to move a property just as fast as s/he can so they usually do not need much “nagging.” Your counter offer should be presented from your business, not from you personally, even if you own a sole proprietorship. You are asking for different terms that are more in your favor, and you want the landlord to see you and your business as a good choice.

The Person Liable for the Lease Include the name of your business which includes the name you are legally established under, as well as any other names you are doing business under.

A leasing agent acts on behalf of the interests of the landlord.

If an agent either misunderstood or attempted in any way to alter the landlord’s directions, having terms in writing can show you a landlord that your counter offer was made in good faith based on information from the leasing agent.

If you are asking for the space “as is” or if you need the landlord to make repairs or improvements first.

If you are planning to renovate the property, briefly describe the proposed renovations.


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