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Hatshepsut was particular about where the building was going to be placed but after numerous strategic calculations, Hatshepsut decided on Deir el-Bahri.It was positioned on the axis of the great temple at Karnak and in the sacred valley to the principal feminine goddess whom was connected with the funeral world.

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Born in the 18th dynasty to Thutmose I and Ahmose, But it is clear that her main achievements came from the new monuments at Deir el-Bahri and Karnak.

The Mortuary Temple at Deir el-Bahri is one of Hatshepsut’s most recognised building projects.

The three layered terraces reach 30m in height or 97 feet.

Each of the Terraces is precisely constructed by a double colonnade of square piers and all the terraces are connected by long ramps.

One of Hatshepsut's major achievements was expanding the trade routes of Ancient Egypt.

Most notably was an expedition to the Land of Punt, which became a major trade partner supplying Egypt with gold, resin, wood, ivory, and wild animals.She married her half-brother Thutmose II, which was a tradition amongst royalty.Although many details about her personal life have been lost to time, it's pretty clear from ancient hieroglyphics that she was a true pharaoh, as shown in this picture of a sphinx with her face, and not a queenly wife to the pharaoh.With Successful military campaigns, peaceful country and a thriving economy, Hatshepsut had all the components of a great Pharaoh but this did not come easy.How did the first woman pharaoh rule for over 2 decades?What made her such a successful ruler and how did a woman come to power in a male driven society?Hatshepsut was a unique personality which gained her power amongst the Egyptian people.Hatshepsut died around 1458 BCE, after a reign of about 22 years, possibly of bone cancer.She was mummified as a pharaoh, but her mummy may have been moved and archaeologists still debate if they have identified her remains.Hatshepsut still contained the classical Theban appearance with courts, a chapel, sun court and a sanctuary.As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.


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