Essay Questions On King Arthur

King Arthur is one of, if not the, most legendary icons of medieval Britain.His popularity has lasted centuries, mostly thanks to the numerous incarnations of his story that pop up time and time again.

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Much time passed between these early records and the 12th century’s full-blown accounts of Arthur’s reign – in the work of Geoffrey of Monmouth and the French Chretien de Troyes, the writers who truly made Arthur the legendary king we now know – and he took on a variety of roles.

In the Welsh stories, Arthur remains a warrior, often a foil for other heroes’ path to greatness.

But in the early French romances, he provided a yardstick for courtly behaviour, as epic battles do not form the backbone of these later stories written on the continent.

Geoffrey of Monmouth brought back the leadership and determination of an Arthur who becomes not only a king (on whom 12th century Anglo-Norman kings could model themselves), but also a conqueror – again reflecting a desire for greatness beyond national boundaries.

Is our modern appetite for fantasy a reflection of our need to reinvent the past, and bring hope into our present?

Moral integrity, loyalty to one’s friends and kin, abiding by the law and defending the weak, form the cornerstone of how Arthurian fellowship has been defined through the centuries.

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Indeed, his is one of the most enduring stories of all time.

Though his tale is rooted in the fifth and sixth centuries, it has continued to captivate audiences to this very day.


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