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present and past tense, and the real-world notion time.

Thus, although English verb phrases have only two tenses - present or past - they can also refer to the future, and, in addition, they can offer a variety of temporal perspectives on events and states.

Also, verb phrases with modal auxiliaries in the present tense are used to refer to present time.

See the following links: The simplest verb phrases referring to past time consist only of a verb in the past tense.

The simple past tense alternates, for instance, with the present perfect, which is used to refer to states, events, etc.

that bear relevance to present time, although they may have occurred or merely started in the past. In Swedish, it is common to refer to the future with a simple verb phrase in the present tense, without any special marking to indicate that future reference is intended.

For example, (5) and (6) are totally acceptable and normal in Swedish: Practices vary when it comes to referring within a text to parts that come 'later'.

Thus, writers may refer to subsequent chapters as belonging to the future.

To express future time in English, a combination of auxiliary verbs and main verbs are typically required.

When discussing the expression of time in the verb phrase, it is necessary to uphold a distinction between grammatical forms, e.g.


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