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Starbucks strategy for expanding its retail business is to increase its market share mainly by opening additional stores in existing markets and to open stores in new markets. Middle Starbucks strives to create a unique culture with a passionate interest in changing a simple commodity into an addictive gourmet delicacy and meet individual market wants and needs without compromising Starbucks's brand image and culture of the company. Strategy Recommendations Starbucks's competence in the style of stores and creative coffee drinks has propelled it to the front among coffee retailers.

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Then we will look into the key actions and decisions that lead to the success of the company.

After that, we will discuss the issues that Starbucks is facing in this competitive global market.

As determined in the VRIO analysis, their inviting coffee shop atmosphere should prove to be a sustainable competitive advantage.

Starbucks' implemented strategy of retail locations and on-site partnerships have received greater response rates, giving them the leading seat within the mature industry.

Through various analyses, it is possible to determine what makes one industry more attractive than another industry.

Some of the analyses used include: DEPEST, Trends at the Intersection, Funneling approach, and Porter's Five Forces.

It only purchases coffees that have been grown and processed by suppliers who meet strict environmental, social, economic, and quality standards.

Starbucks is well-known for its exceptionally high quality coffees, care in selection, and expertise in roast (

This is further developed using the Funneling approach, which narrows a macro environment down to a micro environment.

Evaluating the opportunities and threats associated with the coffee and snack shop industry, a company can also determine on which factors they should be focusing. coffee and snack shop industry, although in a mature stage, is still growing due to globalization.


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