Essays On Adolescent Bereavement

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Choosing who to talk to about your feelings is a very personal decision.But support and advice are available to help you get through it.Your teenage years can be a lot of fun, but they are also often an emotional time.There are no rules about what we should feel, and for how long.But many people find they feel a mixture of the following: These feelings may be very intense, particularly in the early days and weeks.Time eventually helps these intense emotions subside, and there's no need to feel guilty about starting to feel better.It doesn't mean you're not respecting the person's memory or forgetting about them.There are several things that can help you start to feel better.Looking after your health and talking to someone will help you get through this difficult time.It can make you feel very alone, especially as a young person, because you might find that none of your friends have gone through anything similar and won't understand or know what to say.Grieving is a natural part of recovering from a bereavement, and everyone's experience of grief is different.


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