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The term reflected the combination of outward wealth and dazzle with inner corruption and poverty.Given the period’s absence of powerful and charismatic presidents, its lack of a dominant central event, and its sometimes tawdry history, historians have often defined the period by negatives.Sitting Bull would eventually return to the United States, but he died in 1890 at the hands of the Indian police during the Wounded Knee crisis.

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Land allotment joined with the establishment of Indian schools and the suppression of native religions in a sweeping attempt to individualize Indians and integrate them one by one into American society. Indian population declined precipitously; the tribes lost much of their remaining land, and Indians became the poorest group in American society.

Between 18 immigrants prompted much more concern among native-born white Americans than did either black people or Indian peoples.

Beware especially of quoting or otherwise relying upon unidentified opinions found on websites.

, they gave the late nineteenth century its popular name.

Before 1880 the immigrants came largely from Western Europe and China.

Taking the period between 18 as a whole, Germans comprised 28 percent of American immigrants; the British comprised 18 percent, the Irish 15 percent, and Scandinavians 11 percent.

The United States thus accepted a developing system of repression and segregation in the South that would take the name Jim Crow and persist for nearly a century.

The freed people in the South found their choices largely confined to sharecropping and low-paying wage labor, especially as domestic servants.

Following the American defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn the previous fall, American soldiers drove the Lakota civil and spiritual leader Sitting Bull and his followers into Canada.

They forced the war leader Crazy Horse to surrender and later killed him while he was held prisoner.


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