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This research contributes to provide a better understanding of the nature of accounting information reliability by measuring the relation between the informativeness of earnings and corporate governance based on the Chinese context with its unique political, social, cultural and economic environment and large sample size.In particular, mainland China has a distinct two-tier board structure comprising a supervisor board including employee representatives and board of directors of whom at least one third are independent directors.Finally, the third empirical study detects whether managers intend to manipulate earnings via discretionary accruals in order to just meet or beat consensus analyst forecasts on the basis of earnings surprise (analyst forecast error).

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The corporation is one of the largest in China but having poor governance issues that have affected its performance.

The report aims at discussing the specific problems in the corporation and various effects of the problem along with solutions and recommendations.

The corporation underwent improvements that led to its current market diversification.

This paper is a voluminous report on the issue of poor corporate governance in Alibaba Holdings Ltd considering the fact that even despite the high performance of the company, it has been undergoing challenges in its corporate structure hence the need for engaging conclusive solutions and recommendations or effective control was also present.

The political cost hypothesis complements the agency theory and illustrates that SOEs’ managers would manipulate accounting numbers in response to government intervention (report conservatively to disguise the profits or report aggressively to meet specific thresholds).

In addition, it tests whether analysts' forecasts are more accurate than forecasts based on time-series predicted statistics with random walk.The objective of this thesis is to investigate accounting information reliability and corporate governance by addressing three predominant empirical research questions in three studies.The first study examines the impact of board composition and independence on earnings management in mainland China through investigating whether independent directors and supervisors are effective at restraining earnings management.The corporation has created different opportunities for many clients who have benefited largely from its services.However, the corporation has had several mistreatments of its clients that have almost pushed them away.This result conflicts with findings from developed country studies, indicating the malfunction of financial analysts in mainland China.In the third empirical study, the findings suggest an optimistic bias in analysts' forecasts exists in Chinese listed companies but fail to provide any evidence supporting that discretionary accrual measures are positively associated with just meeting or beating the analysts’ forecast benchmark.Initially, the corporation was started to serve the Chinese manufacturers and the overseas buyers.The platform was only allowed business-to-business interactions.A very interesting story lies behind the name Alibaba that Jack Ma decided to give to the corporation.The decision to name it Alibaba was inspired by the prominent businessman, Alibaba.


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