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It also will provide medication to 80 percent of South Africans.

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However, it has been documented that this disease has multiple and complex effects on sustainable human development in sub-Sahara Africa.

Due to the disease's erosion of the human resource base, the countries of Africa have...

In chapter two, we estimated the association between moving through the HIV treatment cascade and contraceptive use through a bivariate probit analysis.

By the end of 1996 the estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world was 22.6 million.

Presently, the disease has overwhelmed the public health system in Africa.

The social environment in Africa offers very little support for individuals infected with HIV/AIDS.A country once in denial now has it’s South African political leaders addressing the disease that is slowing killing their population The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which evolves into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is affecting South Africa socially as well as economically.This disease is also leaving over a million and a half children orphaned.In which he was accused of raping an HIV positive woman.Zuma stated that it was consensual, and was infamously quoted as saying “I took a shower right after in order to cut the chances of transmittal.” He recently has addressed South Africa sharing his negative HIV test results and urging the citizens of South Africa to get tested.No one person or group is safe from contracting this virus; knowledge, and safety is the only way you can protect yourself.However, the first black In 2002 the government was ordered by Africa’s high court to make this anti-retroviral medication available to all pregnant women.While the epidemic has apparently peaked in parts of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo it is still rising in parts of Kenya and Southern Africa and is yet to become a major problem in most countries in West Africa.Clearly, HIV/AIDS has become a major public health problem and human crisis in Africa, straining heavily on health care and social service resources far beyond the capability of these sub-Sahara African countries (Wehrwein, 2000).Of that number, 14 million, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the total, were in sub-Saharan Africa (Wehrwein, 2000).Nearly two decades into the outbreak, the epidemic has spread throughout the sub region.


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