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In a certain way, Olsen contributed towards Emily’s resentment of her because she did not offer her child stability.Minor signs of affection such as smiles (6) were a virtually unknown to Emily.Eventually, she had to accept that she could not be there for her child and subsequently sent her elsewhere.

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The poor and strained relationship between this mother and daughter therefore illustrates a deep history between these two individuals.

Emily is overwhelmed by her past which was filled with a lack of involvement by her mother and also lack of affection from the same individual.

This story shows that when relationships do not look as good in the present, then they have probably been brought on by a series of past incidences and events.

All in all, it can be said that the book was responsible for bringing out a fresh perspective on motherhood.

I stand here ironing is a story that tackles numerous societal problems including mother daughter conflicts, gender roles, diligence, personal effects of national economic struggles and the challenges of single parenthood.

These themes make the story relevant today as it was during the time of its writing The prevailing theme in the book is challenges of single parenthood.The story illustrates that single parenthood often puts parents in a position where they cannot cater to their children’s needs thus compromising on what they become in the future.Emily’s mother found herself in these difficult circumstances after her partner opted out of the marriage when Emily was less than a year old.Providing for her child on her own made it quite tricky to Olsen so she had to send Emily to relatives (Olsen, 6).These circumstances were somehow beyond Olsen’s control because she had tried all she could to make things work.Her mother also goes through numerous reflections on the past and realizes that she could have offered her daughter a better life if she had been more knowledgeable or if she had been wiser.This story therefore places the mother daughter conflicts in perspective by illustrating the origin of these problems.Mother daughter conflicts (or parent to child conflicts) are also an important theme in the book.As Olsen narrates the story of raising her first born daughter, one can see the guilt and loss of time that she feels concerning this matter.Indeed, this story illustrates how a mother’s love for her children is very real it was.Olsen wishes that she was in a position to give her daughter a better life than the one she lived when she was young.


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