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Through it, he is capable of convincing Othello that his wife Emilia had and a fair.

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A closer examination of his deeds and motives paint him another character.

However, majority of other characters are not yet aware of his deceitful and selfish character.

He proclaimed himself to be an honest and trustworthy person, “.” (Shakespeare 263).

Thus everything he said seemed to be thought to be nothing but the truth.

Additionally, he is not happy considering the fact that he is passed in ranks.

For this he carries a heavy heart and promises to revenge which he eventually did.

For instance, in case of honesty Iago is termed “honest” racism is depicted when Othello is termed “the black with thick lips.” Most of Shakespeare readers have painted Iago to be the most heinous and villain character of all time.

He is capable of manipulating those around him propelling him to achieve his desires.

Iago uses his deceitful and treacherous character in making the later hold the opinion that after making Othello go, he will win the affection of Desdemona, Othello’s wife only when he supports his plans which he did not decline. This coupled with the fact that he has desire for fellow men make him hate women.

This can this be attributed to the fact that he killed his own wife.


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