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Many organizational leaders do have subordinates, but only because they are also managers.

But when they want to lead, they have to give up formal authoritarian control, because to lead is to have followers, and following is always a voluntary activity.

The leader is at the centre of group’s power structure, keeps the group together, infuses life into it, moves it towards its goals and maintains its momentum.

He may emerge in a group by virtue of his personality characteristics and qualities or by virtue of common consent by group members.

As a part of their persuasion they typically promise transformational benefits, such that their followers will not just receive extrinsic rewards but will somehow become better people.

Although many leaders have a charismatic style to some extent, this does not require a loud personality.In terms of people, they generally like to run a 'happy ship'.Leaders do not have subordinates - at least not when they are leading.This perhaps taught them the independence of mind that is needed to go out on a limb and not worry about what others are thinking about you.This table summarizes the above (and more) and gives a sense of the differences between being a leader and being a manager.What they do realize, however, is the importance of enthusing others to work towards their vision.In the same study that showed managers as risk-averse, leaders appeared as risk-seeking, although they are not blind thrill-seekers. Management Managers have subordinates | Leaders have followers | See also What is the difference between management and leadership?It is a question that has been asked more than once and also answered in different ways.Managers are paid to get things done (they are subordinates too), often within tight constraints of time and money.They thus naturally pass on this work focus to their subordinates.


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