Essays On Performance Appraisals And Fairness

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For our purposes, we will discuss some of the main ways to assess performance in a performance evaluation form.Of course, these will change based upon the job specifications for each position within the company.’ But if you put something really glowing but you have areas you need to improve on, it may just look like you have a potentially serious blindspot,” says Fitzgerald. We made this handy self-review worksheet that’ll make it way easier to get your thoughts on paper.

Development of specific criteria can save an organization in legal costs.

For example, in , IBM was able to successfully defend accusations of age discrimination because of the objective criteria the employee (Thomas) had been rated on.

This can be a trait method and/or a behavioral method, depending on how the manager writes the essay.

These statements may include strengths and weaknesses about the employee or statements about past performance.

, a behavioral method, is perhaps the most popular choice for performance evaluations.

Essays On Performance Appraisals And Fairness

This type of evaluation lists traits required for the job and asks the source to rate the individual on each attribute.

And two, you’re human, so you definitely have room to grow and your boss probably has a few thoughts on those areas.

So, you look far more professional if you point them out before they do.

They can also include specific examples of past performance.

The disadvantage of this type of method (when not combined with other rating systems) is that the manager’s writing ability can contribute to the effectiveness of the evaluation.


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