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These tasks seem formidable and arc bound to meet with rebuffs.But a little patience and perse­verance on the part of the youth to make headway.

With this view special camps were organized; ‘Youth against Famine’, “Youth against Dirt and Disease’, ‘Youth for Afforestation and Tree Plantation’ and ‘Youth for Rural Reconstruc­tion’ etc.

Since 1981-82 economic -development programmes have been taken by NSS volunteers.

In this connection, exchanges of visits by youth of different regions of the country have been helpful.

In the political sphere too, the youth can help in cleansing the Eugean stables.

The entire political system is infested with oppor­tunism, nepotism, corruption, deception, fraud, intrigues and shrewd tactics.

Most of the political parties have no clear far-sighted goal and no well-thought-out programmes of national reconstruction.

This begins with uplifting the rural masses in particular from the state, of stagnation as a result of the shackles of decayed traditions and superstitions senseless customs, ruthless exploitation by the greedy landlords and ineffective and retrograde official programmes.

In the social arena, the youth can help the rural masses who are gripped by the wily village leaders, crafty priests and other reli­gious men who revel in supper situations.

During 82-83 about 5.5 lacs students participated in various commendable programmes.

Parallel to the NSS are the Nehru Yuvak Kendras which are innovative multi purpose institutions.


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