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He showed, indeed, just those qualities in the uneasy days before the bomb fell. The police had questioned him several times, and just a few days before, he had heard that an influential acquaintance, a Mr.Besides having his wife spend the nights in Ushida, Mr. Tanaka, a retired officer of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha steamship line, an anti-Christian, a man famous in Hiroshima for his showy philanthropies and notorious for his personal tyrannies, had been telling people that Tanimoto should not be trusted. There he found that their burden was to be a , a large Japanese cabinet, full of clothing and household goods. The morning was perfectly clear and so warm that the day promised to be uncomfortable.Had the war continued long and the Japanese totally annihilated by the American military, it would have been a lot more shameful.

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Hiroshima had been getting such warnings almost every night for weeks, for at that time the B-29s were using Lake Biwa, northeast of Hiroshima, as a rendezvous point, and no matter what city the Americans planned to hit, the Super-fortresses streamed in over the coast near Hiroshima.A hundred thousand people were killed by the atomic bomb, and these six were among the survivors.They still wonder why they lived when so many others died. He was alone in the parsonage, because for some time his wife had been commuting with their year-old baby to spend nights with a friend in Ushida, a suburb to the north.If the Americans had not bombed, then the Japanese would continue fighting. Throughout Hirohito's rule, he had no control over the Army.If Hiroshima and Nagasaki had not been bombed, the Japanese Army would have seen no reason to surrender because they still had over 3 million of troops and civilians on the Japanese home island ready to fight. We know that although the Japanese wanted to negotiate a peace, they would not surrender, as even with two atomic bombs dropped on their country, half the Japanese cabinet and a lot of the military still found no reason to surrender.To the south were the docks, an airport, and the island-studded Inland Sea. Matsuo took their way through the shopping center, already full of people, and across two of the rivers to the sloping streets of Koi, and up them to the outskirts and foothills.A rim of mountains runs around the other three sides of the delta. As they started up a valley away from the tight-ranked houses, the all-clear sounded.Ambrose says that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a decision to give the Japanese a quick way to surrender without shame.I agree that the nuclear bombing was really the quickest possible way to the Japanese surrender without shame, or at least not much shame.At exactly fifteen minutes past eight in the morning, on August 6, 1945, Japanese time, at the moment when the atomic bomb flashed above Hiroshima, Miss Toshiko Sasaki, a clerk in the personnel department of the East Asia Tin Works, had just sat down at her place in the plant office and was turning her head to speak to the girl at the next desk. Masakazu Fujii was settling down cross-legged to read the Osaka on the porch of his private hospital, overhanging one of the seven deltaic rivers which divide Hiroshima; Mrs.Hatsuyo Nakamura, a tailor’s widow, stood by the window of her kitchen, watching a neighbor tearing down his house because it lay in the path of an air-raid-defense fire lane; Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge, a German priest of the Society of Jesus, reclined in his underwear on a cot on the top floor of his order’s three-story mission house, reading a Jesuit magazine, ; Dr.


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