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It does not emphasize on the experience and meanings but quantify the data collected.

It does not emphasize on the experience and meanings but quantify the data collected.

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Experimental research is mainly used for the research in physical sciences.

It is used to identify the cause effect relationships and verifying inferences.

Figure : 3.1 Source: Saunders, Lewis, & Thomhil (2007) 3.2.1.

RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY A research philosophy is a belief or an idea regarding the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data collected.

(Myers, 2009) Usually qualitative studies are used for explanatory purposes (Kothari, 2008).

This research study is a qualitative research with an inductive approach.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.There are various philosophies are explained in Saunder’s research onion. This philosophy further says that knowledge that are not based on positivism is invalid and blurred (Miller Strang & Miller, 2010). From the point of view of a direct realist the world is static and having no change.The most significant among them are Positivism, Realism, interpretative, Objectivism, Subjectivism, Pragmatism, Functionalist, Interpretative, Radical humanist, Humanist and structuralist (Saunders, Lewis, & Thomhil, 2007). Realism is a philosophy that holds scientific approach to development and knowledge . Critical realism holds change as constant (Buchanam & Bryman,2009). This philosophy is more interested in results or truth rather than the principles associated with it.The main features of this technique are isolation of factors, replication of experiment, and quantitative measurement of results (Sharavanavel, 2006).Survey research studies large and small populations by selecting and studying samples chosen from the populations to discover the relative incidence, distribution and interrelations of sociological and psychological variables.Research methodology refers to the various sequential steps adopted by a researcher in studying the problem with certain objectives in mind.It is an explanation of the method of systematic and critical investigation into an identified subject of study. Deductive Approach It is a journey from general to particular.Here the hypothesis and the theory are checked first and then move to results that are more specific.


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