Ethical Behavior In Organizations Essay

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Is it ethical to hide information that might discourage a job candidate from joining your organization?

Is it ethical to ask someone to take a job you know will not be good for his or her career progress?

It is hypothesized that leadership plays a vital role in establishing and sustaining an ethical culture that influences positive behavior of individuals.

Additionally, the essay will discuss the advantages of implementing formal ethics programs, including ethics training and formal codes of ethics.

fundamental principles and organisational framework for ethical behavior.

Increasing regulations and public pressure have virtually made it a requirement that large organisations ensure such programs are utilized, with 58% of firms worldwide implementing formal ethic codes in attempts to reduce illegal or unethical behavior (Adam & Rachman-Moore 2004).

We argue that there are three key pieces of the ethical environment that work together to promote ethical behavior: (1) ethical leadership, (2) ethical practices, and the (3) ethical climate. Making ethical climate a mainstream management topic: A review, critique, and prescription for the empirical research on ethical climate.

Ethical leaders set the tone for how employees should behave in organizations.

Although conventional wisdom suggests that unethical behavior is the result of a few “bad apples,” there is mounting evidence that in addition to the personal values of employees, the organizational environment plays a critical role in encouraging ethical conduct.

If the organizational environment is important in promoting ethical conduct, how can such a context be created?


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