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The Resurrection is the eucatastrophe of the story of the Incarnation." In his essay, Tolkien cites a large range of works by other authors: fiction, mythology and academic works.This sentiment — the idea that designating certain types of literature as “children’s” is a choice entirely arbitrary and entirely made by adults — has since been eloquently echoed by Neil Gaiman, but isn’t, in fact, a new idea. There is one proviso: if there is any satire present in the tale, one thing must not be made fun of, the magic itself.Most earlier works with styles similar to Tolkien's, such as the science fiction of H. Wells or the Gothic romances of Mary Shelley, were set in a world that is recognisably that of the author and introduced only a single fantastic element—or at most a fantastic milieu within the author's world, as with Lovecraft or Howard.

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But since the fairy-story deals with 'marvels,' it cannot tolerate any frame or machinery suggesting that the whole framework in which they occur is a figment or illusion." Tolkien emphasises that through the use of fantasy, which he equates with imagination, the author can bring the reader to experience a world which is consistent and rational, under rules other than those of the normal world.

He calls this "a rare achievement of Art," and notes that it was important to him as a reader: "It was in fairy-stories that I first divined the potency of the words, and the wonder of things, such as stone, and wood, and iron; tree and grass; house and fire; bread and wine." Tolkien suggests that fairy stories allow the reader to review his own world from the "perspective" of a different world.

Tolkien had not intended to write a sequel to The Hobbit.

The Lang lecture was important as it brought him to clarify for himself his view of fairy stories as a legitimate literary genre, and one not intended exclusively for children.

That must in that story be taken seriously, neither laughed at nor explained away.

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Mythology is not a disease at all, though it may like all human things become diseased.The essay "On Fairy-Stories" is an attempt to explain and defend the genre of fairy tales or Märchen.It distinguishes Märchen from "traveller's tales" (such as Gulliver's Travels), science fiction (such as H. Wells's The Time Machine), beast tales (such as Aesop's Fables and Peter Rabbit), and dream stories (such as Alice in Wonderland)...among its marvels is the greatest and most complete conceivable eucatastrophe.The Birth of Christ is the eucatastrophe of Man's history.The essay first appeared in print, with some enhancement, in 1947, in a festschrift volume, Essays Presented to Charles Williams, compiled by C. This allowed him to participate in gatherings of the Inklings with Lewis and Tolkien.The volume of essays was intended to be presented to Williams upon the return of the OUP staff to London with the ending of the war.Tolkien calls this "recovery", in the sense that one's unquestioned assumptions might be recovered and changed by an outside perspective.Second, he defends fairy stories as offering escapist pleasure to the reader, justifying this analogy: a prisoner is not obliged to think of nothing but cells and wardens. In the lecture, Tolkien chose to focus on Andrew Lang’s work as a folklorist and collector of fairy tales. It was initially written (and entitled simply "Fairy Stories") for presentation by Tolkien as the Andrew Lang lecture at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, on 8 March 1939.


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