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Although the story was mostly written in the 1880s‚ it is set in the time of slavery prior to the Civil War.Twain uses Huck’s predicaments to illustrate the failure of reconstruction in the post-Civil War South.SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 IN THE 150 YEARS Samuel Clemens has been better known as Mark Twain, journalists, scholars, and even bartenders have offered competing theories as to where America’s first signature wit acquired his nom de plume. But neither has stood up to scholarly investigation, and the truth has been elusive until perhaps now.

Hank Morgan‚ superintendent at the Colt Firearms Factory in Hartford‚ Connecticut‚ is knocked unconscious in a fight. Hank introduces such innovations as schools‚ factories‚ bicycles and gunpowder.

At first‚ Hank is convinced that his ideas will do the citizens of Arthur’s court good‚ but as he takes command he turns more and more to violence and loses control of the results of his entrepreneurial efforts.

In 1861‚ a 25 year-old Sam Clemens‚ having left his job as a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River because of the outbreak of the Civil War‚ set out by stagecoach with his older brother‚ Orion‚ for the Nevada Territory.

‚ which Twain wrote in collaboration with his Hartford neighbor Charles Dudley Warner‚ gave its name to the mood of materialistic excess and cynical political corruption that started with the Grant administration in 1869 and prevailed into the 1870s and beyond.

Twain’s fifth and last travel book is a relatively straightforward narrative of his round-the-world lecture tour of 1895-96.

It includes discussions of Australian history and economic development‚ Asian culture‚ British rule in India and South African politics.Their journey culminates in an extended trip through the Holy Land and Egypt.Throughout the book‚ Twain lampoons the meeting of these pilgrims from the New World‚ filled with a pretentious reverence and awe‚ with the hallowed culture of the Old World‚ often represented by Twain as not equaling its reputation.Mark Twain’s account‚ adapted from his own newspaper reports‚ of his adventures traveling through Europe and the Middle East with other Americans.Voyaging on the steamship Quaker City‚ the sightseers first make stops in Europe‚ including Paris‚ Milan‚ Venice‚ Florence‚ Rome and Athens.(1893) is a witty and whimsical look at the Biblical creation story and Adam’s adventures as he explores his new world.Twain uses this work as a forum to express his irreverent thoughts on conventional religion.Huck Finn is drawn from life; Tom Sawyer also‚ but not from an individual – he is a combination of the characteristics of three boys whom I knew‚ and therefore belongs to the composite order of architecture…Part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves‚ and of how they felt and thought and talked‚ and what queer enterprises they sometimes engaged in.” places Twain as the narrator of an oftentimes uninformed American tourist visiting and discovering the mysteries of the European continent – a wonderful satire for those who have visited Europe or are planning a trip to “the continent.” Edward Tudor and Tom Canty are the same age and share the same features‚ but one of them is a pauper’s child and the other is the heir to the throne of England.Through the switched identities Mark Twain has fashioned both a scathing attack on social hypocrisy and injustice‚ and an irresistible comedy imbued with the sense of spirited play that belongs to this creative period.is a textbook on the history‚ life and lore of the Great River during the 19th century‚ but also a primer on the “science” of the piloting the Mississippi during the heyday of the great steamboats that once traveled the greatest inland waterway of America.


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