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I pull the sleeve of my sweatshirt over my hand and wipe a frosty layer off the glass so I can see the passing trees.

Our windshield wipers provide the only sound: an eerie rhythmic pumping.

Often, multiple frames will be used in conjunction with each other to build a complete narrative that fulfills all of them (Chong & Druckman, 2007), while it is also possible that only one is addressed.

In the same vein, a frame can be a single word (Simon & Jerit, 2007), or it could be intertwined across the entire text (Nelson, Clawson, & Oxley, 1997).

The trees that line the road, however, seem nearly human; their arm-like branches bend toward our car as if they are trying to pluck us from the road.

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The passenger-side window is cold and a curtain of condensation hinders my view.

The way the media frame issues has a subtle yet significant effect on the general public.

Studies have shown that frames can help determine which procedures we find medically necessary (Edwards, Elwyn, Covey, Matthews, & Pill, 2001), can influence our ability to recall critical details of a news story (Valkenburg, 2000), and can even subtly influence elections (Shah, Domke, & Wackman, 1996).

A narrative approach is useful when you focus on a single event.

You can also trace the origin and development of a particular passion by describing several brief scenes relating to it. You know those people who tell stories with too many details that take too long to tell? Here is the introduction to an essay that uses the narrative approach: My dad and I are driving down the winding South Carolina roads.


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