Freight Broker Business Plan

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This law increased the barrier to entry for trucking.The introduction aside, this step by step guide on how to become a freight broker will help you reach your goal.

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A motor carrier is the party responsible for delivering the goods via truck to its destination.

A freight broker negotiates a rate with a motor carrier.

There are two types of carriers that you will need to know.

Common carriers provide service to public under the responsibility of compulsory and liability for loss or damage to the load.

The term “truck” is one that is applied to identify a variety of different trucks.

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In brief, they include flatbed, refrigerated (reefer), dry van (box truck), step deck, lowboy, double drop, and Conestoga.The broker will work directly with the shipper to negotiate a rate.Over time, they will build strong business relations with both carriers and shippers.A freight broker acts as the middlemen between shippers and carriers.There job is to negotiate good shipping rates and fast delivery times with transportation companies.The company description includes your mission statement, principal members, and legal structure.Your mission statement is vital to your organization because it provides a clear understanding of the primary objective and keeps you and your team focused on the actual goals of the company.Independent brokers running their own freight brokerage have far more income potential than brokers working for an existing business.An independent freight broker can generate earnings in the Surely now you can understand the potential a freight brokerage has.The shipper is the party that has products to transport.As a freight broker, you will mainly deal with business companies.


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