Friedman'S Flat World Thesis

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It builds in them a sense of entitlement that discourages what it takes to improve, to advance, and to achieve.This sort of discrimination, he notes, is not something limited to the Arab Middle East, of course.Thus the, “geographic unevenness of growth in the global economy fundamentally undermine Thomas Friedman’s ‘world is flat’ thesis”.

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    However, Friedman believes that while the flat world platform has the potential to homogenize cultures, it has a greater potential to foster diversity to a greater degree than has ever happened before. The primary reason for Friedman’s outlook is uploading’s capacity to “globalize the local.”…

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    Friedman's suggestion that we should be "learning to learn" is nothing new to those of us in education, but it does give it new weight, as he warns that "what we learn today in school will be outdated by tomorrow, and therefore, the most successful people in the 'flat world' will be those who can adapt and learn quickly.…

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