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I argue that scholars have created a false dichotomy between “Gandhi the Mahatma” and “Gandhi the Politician” because usually these two are considered as different as chalk and cheese.

I argue that scholars have created a false dichotomy between “Gandhi the Mahatma” and “Gandhi the Politician” because usually these two are considered as different as chalk and cheese.

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We find two diametrically opposing views of Gandhi’s moral stature.

One has it that ethically speaking, he was nearly perfect.

It means we cannot fully understand his life and philosophy without knowing the inner dynamism that brought the diverse elements into a fruitful relationship with one another.

For many scholars Gandhi was a man of personal integrity.

One can legitimately ask if there is scope for another essay on Gandhi.

So much has been written on this iconic man; so many facets of his remarkable life, both in the public realm and private, have been widely discussed and published.

In the preface to his 2006 book on Gandhi, Rajmohan Gandhi, a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, expressed the same sentiment: In India we think we know him [Gandhi]. He looks at us from currency notes, postage stamps and billboards. Yet the obvious and predictable Gandhi may be very misleading, and the beliefs of the real man may have been quite different from what we think (Rajmohan Gandhi 2006: x). I agree with Rajmohan Gandhi’s argument, but unlike him I cannot make a claim that this essay has been “started as an exercise to delineate the ‘true’ Gandhi” (Rajmohan Gandhi 2006: ix).

We feel we can sketch the spectacles, the bald head, the loincloth, the pocket-watch. The attempt here is rather straightforward and simple.

To describe Gandhi either as a moral genius or as a shrewd political strategist, however, would not be altogether absurd, but what I want to stress is that if we describe Gandhi in either/or terms we miss the essence that is something very intrinsic to the kind of person that he was.

Therefore, if we want to understand Gandhi’s life and philosophy with its all complexity, we need to overcome this superimposed, false dichotomy of Mahatma vs shrewd political strategist, because being both a moral genius and shrewd political strategist was integral to Gandhi’s self.


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