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I thought it would be a good idea to have one place where you could find examples of the big 40 marker on paper 1 - creative writing. Cold, salty tears trailed slowly down my face - red raw - leaving thin pale streaks. It didn't illuminate much but seemed to highlight the ice and snow. Condemned to death, consumed by hysteria, they squirmed in the grasp of the merciless ocean. People who do not feel emotion are no longer people and do not deserve to live. Feel free to include your own examples (I've added one too ). I only have one thing that you could change at the beginning you used torrential to describe the rain twice. According to my school teacher you lose marks but that's what she said. Terrified, desperate screeches crawled through the frozen air to where I was standing.

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And then the second time he neglected to tell me and the third I just plain ignored. Thank you c: I wrote it a while ago and it's a bit short but (it was an exercise in class not an exam) but it should be okay. Far out on the inexhaustible horizon of the sea my bloodshot eyes could just about pinpoint a flailing shape.

And he swore to me he'd never do it again, he promised.

And then the second time he neglected to tell me and the third I just plain ignored. There's not much I can say apart from maybe losing the semi-colon from the phrase: Tighter my grasp became on the shimmering green gemstone.

And he swore to me he'd never do it again, he promised. It was really intriguing I like the rhetorical questions (many people use it in a cliche way which makes it seems dull, but you nailed it.) The structure was really good, especially with the sentence lengths and the punctuation used.

Don`t write about what you saw on a TV programme the night or week before chances are the examiner saw it and he or she groans to see you regurgitating it.

If you do these things, your true style and self will not shine through.

Writing a creative writing essay is a daunting task at best, but can be positively terrifying when having to be completed within very strict time limits.

Coupled with the nagging doubts that accompany any personal expression, this is indeed the nemesis to be faced on any English paper.

A third reason why you should be glad and grateful to be writing a creative piece is that it is easy marks and worth half of Paper 1`s marks.

Think about all the writing you have to do on all the questions in Section A, with no guarantee that you are hitting the mark.


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